Brett-Livingstone Strong Biography

Artist Brett-Livingstone Strong was born in Australia in 1953. Brett Livingstone’s parents were both artists, and the young Strong showed early signs of becoming a serious artist. His first painting exhibition took place at the age of four, and by sixteen he had his first one-man-show, at the Sebert Gallery in Sydney, Australia. The show was a great success, and every piece of art exhibited was sold. Strong initially came to the United States at the age of 23, on a six week scholarship to develop his artistic talents. He settled in Los Angeles, California, where his artistic career brought him tremendous notoriety and success. Brett-Livingstone continues to live an artistic life, in the city of Los Angeles, California.

Brett-Livingstone Strong’s accomplishments are extensive, including major commissions for; The United States Government, The country of Japan, The International Olympics, as well as designs created for many of the icons of pop and contemporary American culture. Strong’s artistic life has involved him in the worlds of recognized public and entertainment figures such as; President Bush, President Reagan, Michael Jackson, Muhammad Ali, Jimmy Stewart, Bob Hope, Lawrence Welk, Rupert Murdoch and Armand Hammer, just to name a few.

Strong received international recognition for his commemorative monuments including; The Bicentennial Constitution Monument; The Nagoya Sister City Goodwill Monument in Japan; The Austrian Bicentennial Monument; and The United States Presidency Monument.

Brett-Livingstone Strong was selected as an ‘Official Artist’, and commissioned to create four official posters for the 1984 Olympic Games, held in Los Angeles, California.

Strong received huge media attention when he purchased the famous 116-ton ‘Malibu Rock’ for one hundred dollars and carved a sculpted image of the head of John Wayne into the rock. Strong created the sculpture in public view, over a period of 70 days, and finally sold the finished work reportedly for over one million dollars.

A Grammy award winning album cover was created by Strong, for the rock and roll album ‘Tango in the Night’ of the famous band ‘Fleetwood Mac’. The design received the Grammy Award, Best Album Cover of the Year, 1987.

The original painting titled ‘The Book’, depicting a portrait of Michael Jackson, sold for a reported record breaking 2.1 million dollars, the most ever paid for a portrait created by a living artist, of a subject still living. This original painting became the Master Work for Strong’s series of lithographs of the same title.

Brett-Livingstone Strong’s creativity as a painter is combined with artistic, talent and technical expertise as a craftsman. He is one of an exceptional group of artists having the ability to excel both as a painter and a sculptor. Strong’s unique artistic style has been greatly impacted by his ideals and philosophy of life. He is an avid proponent of world peace, the protection of the environment, and the celebration of the wonders of nature. These influences can be seen in the vast majority of his works. Many of Strong’s vivid paintings seem to transcend realism, combining brilliant color, photo realistic imagery and fantasy. Strong’s original paintings and sculptures have generated high figures for a contemporary artist, and his lithographs have been very popular, selling to thousands of collectors.